Tuesday, August 28, 2012

UTG - Part 2, Sense of Urgency

There was a show on cable a while back about people with strange compulsions. No, I wasn't on it. But I can relate to one of the strange byrd's that was profiled.

He couldn't stop working out. Sounds a little silly, right. Well, that's the nature of the show I guess.

The really weird thing was that this guy didn't appear like one would guess: all juiced up and popping out of his clothes with ripped flesh. He look liked Larry from down the block, in khakis. He actually worked out in Dockers and a Polo.

He wasn't strung out on roids (as far as I know, anyway). He didn't compete in the Mr. Universe contest. He was just a guy who was addicted to lifting weights.

Six, eight, ten times a day he would sneak to a gym (he belonged to a half dozen) and jump on a machine, pick up some free weights and sweat his way through some oldies like his life depended on it.

I can relate. Sort of.

(part 2 of a 'serial anthology' {opposed to a cereal analogy} - stay tuned....... )