Wednesday, September 17, 2014

profile # 6: it's what I do.......

I write
sometimes it's on this blog, other times it's in a black composition notebook
it's always from somewhere very deep, even when it's shallow
mostly it's what I see as the most relevant thought I was able to recently capture in words

I live
everything in my world is in manuscript form
breathing, eating, working, loving, moving, learning, and even sleeping; it's all an internal dialogue
the script is always flowing, slowly.....always questioning, incessantly,.....always being re-written

I listen
like a bat who is sending out sounds that will let her know how soon that next tree will come, I send
I send, I listen, even when I am sending, I am listening. to you, to them, to everything. always.
sometimes it hurts more than other times. but it always hurts. but I'm lucky. lucky to have the pain.

I reach out
to stay inside is to wither and rot. to find a way to effectively contribute is to be closer to life.
closer. but not actually ever getting there. I'm okay with that. are you?
are you closer? are you actually getting there? are you following my thought process? nice.

I notice
the way people smile at one another when they don't feel overly threatened, or want to avoid being so
the sky, always changing, always new, always open and promising a new day. perhaps
perhaps I smell the roses now more than anytime before and just want to help folks find it sooner.
perhaps I'm just finding my romance later than most. perhaps

I wonder
I wonder how I can best utilize the talents and blessings bestowed upon me to the benefit of others
others. others that need it. others that want it. others that can contribute more than I ever did.
I ever did. I did. They did. They will do. I will do. We will do. Ever. I wonder

I write
you read. we learn. you respond. I learn more.
I write


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