Wednesday, July 4, 2018

When your back is against the wall.......again

The room is bigger
This time

And there are more
People in it

And some of them
Even care


There seems to be
More opportunity

This time

And some of it
Is promising

I seem to be better

This time

In some ways

I'm gonna handle it

This time

With more style
And perhaps

Some pizzazz

But it's still a wall

And my back is firmly
Against it

This time

Time to step

Time to step back again

Time to take five steps

This time


Wednesday, May 30, 2018

"no one will ever take your happy'

Everybody wants something
Some people want everything
I want as much as most
I don't want to take it from someone else

So I'm happy just to have
What I have
But don't think for a second
You can take it away from me

That which is mine and only mine
And never has and never will belong to anybody else

I have the title I have the deed I have full legal rights
Over it's concept design and implementation

It is a part of me and will always be a part of me it is never been a part of you and will never be a part of you

It's mine and I will never give it up even after I'm gone because it's truly mine

No one and I mean no one knows nothing no entity bigger than myself will ever own it or take it away from me

It's my happiness and no one will ever take it from me

Because it's mine.


Sunday, May 27, 2018

What is a “radio presenter?” Seriously.

What is a “radio presenter?”


In response to your inquiry I will provide data collected from Websters.**

**Any and all references to Webster’s are in reference to the previous
references of the Webster family two doors down from the author on
McAffee Street in suburban Wichita.

1)Any orator of audio media formats: be it spots, donuts, bumpers,
hand-offs, or lead-ins.

2)A professional voice artist who articulates  informative, educational,
or entertaining stories with a beginning, middle, and an end.

3) A Radio Air-Time Sales Executive/Marketing Consultant/Writer/Voice Talent
working for an independent, locally owned and operated, middle market Q-munity
radio station with the most powerful regular broadcast commercial AM signal
between Greenville/Spartanburg, SC and Asheville, NC who simulcast on both
Q-95.3 FM and streaming LIVE 24/7 on who partners daily with the
regions brightest entrepreneurs, business and nonprofit leaders, civic volunteers,
and government entities  AND who feels blessed to not only be a part of his
Q-munity full time but also is tagged in posts that are commented on
by Flip “freakin’” Spiceland!!!!!!!!

I have arrived!

God Bless America


Monday, May 21, 2018

Given the opportunity

Left to my own

I seem to gravitate
Towards vices

Only when
The time
Is right

Of course

It's there to be

Someone has to
Drink it

Wants it

At least
I do

When the time
Is right

Of course

A firtive

A convenient

A flirtive

And incoming

I'd given
The opportunity

I'll take it
When the time
Is right

Of course

I have concience
It's rather strong

But I
Overcome it

At the time

The right time

Of course

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

I'm not surprised

Slowing down is
Not what I do


Stopping is not
In my nature


But when
I do


The right conditions



Really good

When all I hear
Is rain

Tapping on a gutter

All that is see
Is Foliage

I feel



The facade

As much

The pain

So intensely





It's been there
All along



To aknowlede


I'm not
Really surprised

Just impressed

Friday, May 4, 2018

Worry about you

I get lifted
By little things

Friends who call my name

And smile

Divine Realizations
And finding a bottle opener just when I need one

And using it

Bare feet
Cool breezes
And peanut butter on a spoon

And the dishwasher is empty

That take me back
To tha' day

Reality calling
Finding me ready
And calm

I get lifted
By little things

And they bouy me

Up above
The doubts and fears
The self imposed deadlines

And I can breathe
For another day

Friday, April 13, 2018

There is No I in Bryan Byrd (but there is a Q in Q-munity)

Community steps up
Community steps in
The water's warm
So ya'll come on Inn

Lend me your ear
I'll give it back eventually
There's a few things that you need to know
So let's review, continually

There is no "I" in Team
There not an "I" in Bryan Byrd
But there is a Q In Q-munity
At least, ...that's what I heard

And this here Q-munity

I said.....

This here Q-munity.....

Is Guaranteed not to rust, bust, or collect dust

I spent a good part of my life
Looking for Paradise, it's true
What I didn't realize is that
Sometimes Paradise finds you

Just stop turning your dial
Because this here is the dealio
I'm bee-squared
And I'll see you on the radio

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Just enough

There are those who can
And those that will
Those that do
And those that don't

Feeling it now?
Don't answer quite yet
You might change sides
Most likely you won't

Nothing is too much
Until we are gone
It's all just enough
Then it is done

Too much pain
No just enough
Too much fear
No just enough

Just enough.


Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Trusting Ones Gut

If the stomach hurts
Is it just hurting.

When does it have something to say

When he acids build up
The butterflies take over

When will it make you change your ways

Are you just nervous
Or is guilt setting in

Is the future foreboding
Or is the past creeping in

To trust a gut
To question a heart
To know your part

If the stomach hurts
Is it just hurting.

When does it have something to say

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Tell the Universe

It couldn't hurt
It might even help
You got nuttin' to lose
You have eva' thing to gain

Tell the Universe what you want

It doesn't replace praying
It's not instead of hard work
Don't slack on the planning
Don't wait for it to happen

But do...

Tell the universe what you want

It doesn't always listen
It doesn't always care
You are not only one asking
You are surrounded by voices

Even so...

Tell the universe what you want

It's really not that hard
It doesn't require protocol
Don't wait for the right time
Don't wait for someday

Rather,...right now....

Tell the universe what you want

Then go get it


Tuesday, May 9, 2017


I'm gonna
Allow my thoughts to kinda...

You know


I wanna
Let my mind to kinda....

You know


It's time to
Set my feet to kinda...

You know


Monday, May 8, 2017

Version 2.0

Right at this very moment
You are
The best version of you 
That you have been
In your entire life

Right at this very moment
You are
The best version of you 
That you have been
In your entire life

"but, but, but, but, but.....":

"I'm not in the best of health"

"Things aren't going my way these days"

"I made some bad choices"

"Things have happened"

"I don't have a plan"

Lets address each one of these...

"But, I'm not in the best of health"

Your health
is temporary

Good, bad, or indifferent
Your current health situation
Will either get better or it will get worse

But it does not
define you

You are surviving it today
you somehow
survived everything yesterday

And for that reason,....

Right at this very moment
You are
The best version of you 
That you have been
In your entire life

"But, things aren't going my way these days......"

That's because
they never have

It only felt like they did, when they did,

Because of the perspective
you had
at the time

The universe controls "these days"
not you

You cannot change "these days"

You can only change
your perspective

So do it

Yesterday is gone
And tomorrow never comes
Today is the day

And for that reason,....

Right at this very moment
You are
The best version of you 
That you have been
In your entire life

"But, I made some bad decisions"

You did make some bad decisions
Some really
bad decisions
you made them
you will make some more
Some really, really bad ones
And you will learn from them

And for that reason,....

Right at this very moment
You are
The best version of you 
That you have been
In your entire life

"But, things have happened"

Things have happened

And they will continue
To happen
I don't care if you
have a plan or not
Neither does the universe
you made it this far
Your plans
All of the things that have happened

And for that reason,....

Right at this very moment
You are
The best version of you 
That you have been
In your entire life

some time, sometimes

Some time
Is all we have

Many times
Some time
Is the most valuable thing we have

Often times
Some time
Is what others need most........from us

Every time
Some time
Gets away from me,
I wonder
How did I ever
Have the time
To take the time
To realize that time
Had gotten away from me.......that time

That one time
Some time
That was spent
With that guy
In that place
You know,
That place with the thing
Well, that.......that was a good time

Have you got the time
To waste some time
Remembering the times
When time stood still
And no one cared what time it was
Or how many times we just sat there
And enjoyed our time on the planet

My past time
Is to make time
So that I can spend time
Having experiences with those
Whom I enjoy wasting time with

I think that it might be time
To ask how much time
I have left
Don't want to go over my time
This time
Its okay to break the rules
As long as you don't do it
All the time

Just sometimes


What goes down
Doesn't always come down

But it could

Getting out of a funk
Won't always be easy

But it should

You were hoping
I wouldn't go there

But you knew I would

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Today is YOUR day

You made it
It's all coming

It's gonna be

You made it

It's really

You earned it
Now relish

The odds didn't
See You

You got this
And this
Is life

Breathe in
Breath out

Today is
YOUR day

And everyday


Thursday, May 4, 2017

Monday, May 1, 2017

Whose Dream Is It Anyway

Hey man!
How you doin'?

Living the dream brotha!
Who's dream?
I have no idea.

Why in the hell
Would you be living
Someone else's dream?

Find your own
Damn Dream

Find your own
Damn Dream

Find your own

Damn dream

Sunday, March 26, 2017

How do you get YOUR motivation

When the ideas are there
But the energy is not
How is it that you find
The getty-up that you got

Where is it that you dig
When you have to go deep
Keeping on keeping on
When all you want to do is sleep

How is it that you find
What you need when you need it
Putting it all together
Begin standing from where you sit

One foot moves beyond from where
The other one currently lies
They take turns moving on
Under sunny and cloudy of skies

Share with me your power
I'm not finding any of my own
Help me to get beyond it all
Moving down the path that you've shown