Saturday, August 30, 2014

Profile #4: He is Spartacus....

I knew that this gent would end up in this series sooner or later, mostly likely more than once. I did not, however, realize that I would succumb so quickly to the urge to pontificate on this dude among dudes. But then again, underestimating this chap is not usually recommended.

For you see, he is Spartacus. Not the myth nor the movie idol. But the living legend come walking the earth as we speak. Now, put down your pinwheels, put on your big boy pants, and sit the freak down,.....cuz I got a story for ya'.

Once upon a time there was a great river that fed and clothed an historic civilization. This river was tame in few places, and yet one bend of this mighty waterway grew into a metropolis of such grandeur as to eclipse the river that had brought it forth.

At the height of it's global reign this city gave birth to a man. Not a boy who grew into a man, but an actual full grown human appeared one day as if the silt on the banks had made it so. And he had questions.

Many questions.

And he kept asking until he had run out of people who know more than he did. But he kept asking questions, some say just to humor the rest of us mere mortals. Actually he was trying to teach us something. And he continues to try, despite the fact that some of us are slow learners.

He asked so many questions that this great city gave him a job asking questions. And soon other great civilizations called upon this man to come to their town and teach others how to ask questions. Before long there were thousands of his students canvasing the globe, and they were all asking questions.

And there's more. He also is a master story teller.

But you will have to wait to hear about that.

This is, after all, shorter stories from tha' road of life....



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