Sunday, September 9, 2012

find YOUR mountain-top..................

Climb to the highest peak,
Push yourself beyond known limits.
Find your mountain-top,
Explore the possibilities.

Peer out over your domain,
After all you earned every bit of it.
Find your mountain-top,
Celebrate the kingdom.

Proclaim to the invisible throngs,
Shout it out from deep within your soul.
Find your mountain-top,
Share the message of your journey.

Make an impact that is worthwhile,
Leave your mark in the hearts along the way.
Find your mountain-top,
Connect with all that share your trail.

Create a moment to rest alone,
Leave your cares on rock by the brook.
Find your mountain-top,
Meditate by the river of life.

Find your mountain-top,
Then encourage someone else to find theirs...........