Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Thougts I Oughta Had Sooner.......

Fair too Middling: Thougts I Oughta Had Sooner.......:

  • Fun flies when you have no time
  • Funyons are a young man's game
  • Principles without principles can lead to pupils with dilated pupils
  • Don't rub elbows unless you are willing to chafe the consequences
  • A new boss can be like growing a beard: Scratchy and hard to get used to
  • Everybody needs somebody, one-time
  • Hydro-planing thru life is much easier if you turn into the skid
  • Meditation without mediation can lead to extreme cases of funyon abuse
  • Changing jobs is like shaving for the first time in weeks: A difficult decision, followed by a chafing experience that leaves you feeling fresh and clean.......for a few days.
  • "'s like riding a unicycle,....either you can or you can't!"
  • Writing is like having a bowel movement: sometimes you will strain and sweat without much results......and sometimes the words just fall out.
  • Let me be frank........I was chuck yesterday.
  • don't look for the shortest line at the grocery store, seek out the one with the most potential for an interesting conversation
  • I'm not fair,.......I'm not middling either. I'm some where in between.
  • I can't decide if I want to hear Rocky-Top, Freebird, or the Waffle House song
  • Realize that we live in a world where both LL Cool J and Mark Walburg are both established actors
  • God bless George Washington Carver.
  • Catch 23: The line at the bathroom is so long, you figure that you will want to have a beverage with you while you wait. The concession line is so long, you figure you will need to go at least twice during the wait. This is the exact moment when you discover the importance of proxies.

Dream big, act swiftly.........

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