Monday, October 22, 2012

self medicated reassurance

Just beyond every setback is glimmer of hope.
Soon after dusk comes the countdown til dawn.
Among the many challenges lie viable solutions.
On the other end of that ringing phone there very well may be a friendly voice.

The sting of pain is often followed by the rush of relief.
Blinding silence can be interrupted by thunderous applause.
Years of crippling have been eradicated by a single idea.
The loneliest of moments have been warmed by the presence of a single attentive ear.

Mountains of tension are raised by one kind word.
Tons of doubt have no chance against an ounce of encouragement.
Dark thoughts scatter and hide in the presence of light.
The deepest of anger can be soothed with direct, sincere smile.

Years of anxiety can be cured by ...................