Sunday, October 28, 2012

waiste not, want knot......

Among the tea cookies and the finger sandwiches real treasures lie,
One must venture beyond the what-do-you-do and formalities.
For what we seek is the real, the honest, and the genuine,
The stories, the essence, the core of each one's creativitys.

Gallons upon gallons of decaf cannot steady the shaky hand,
Reaching for a cocktail napkin seems an insurmountable task.
The sugar rush will come and with the inevitable crash.
Are these smiles from the heart or are they are wearing masks.

A man is bee-lining a path across the crowded landscape,
Gaze is set and it's sure he's headed straight for you.
The smile that could melt the most jaded soul,
Soft but steady words flow naturally and surely ring true.

For but a brief moment the clocks become moot,
Cares of the world fall away losing their weight on the mind.
Listening for details, not searching for a turn to share,
How did one ever gain the attention of a disciple so kind.