Friday, November 16, 2012

a dazzling spectacle of searing white heat.....

He said that it would only be a minute and for some reason I believed.

I had nowhere to go and I had all week to get there.

But something grabbed me as I sat there stewing in my own doubts.
Why was it that I had ended up on this crusade and where on earth would it lead.

Neither the destination nor the mission really mattered, truth be told.
My life had not yet begun to grow complicated at that point, my only commitment was to breathe.

Then why was it that I had such an aversion to diversions.
I did not lack an appreciation of adventure and was way too preoccupied to feel any traces of boredom.

Yet a giant doomsday clock of my own design loomed over every decision I made and continues to cloud my judgment to this day.
In fact if my life is going to continue to tick away before my eyes I certainly deserve to capture every opportunity to obsess over it.

That’s the real point anyway, isn’t it?
To fret your brains out until your heart explodes in a dazzling spectacle of searing white heat.

This, my friends, is the stuff that dreams are truly made of.
So, go get you some. Pack your psychological baggage and set a course for insecurity station.

Your first class seat aboard the emotional roller coaster we like to call life is reserved and waiting patiently for your arrival.
Make this moment count (for God’s sake). You deserve every panic stricken moment of this.

It must live up to all of the unattainable expectations that we have continued to layer on like a brick mason being paid by the yard.
Go on, get to it, heartache and pain await you at every stop on the way, don’t leave ‘em hanging.

There’s a lot riding on this, don’t choke now. Today’s the day, the time is now, here we are, yadah-yadah-yadah…………………………………….