Thursday, November 29, 2012

Reflections on a breakdown..

Reflections on a breakdown are always
preferable to being in the throws.
Good advice is hard to come by,
Good ideas seem to come and go.

Referencing your values is quite comparable
To refereeing preschool soccer
The ball is surrounded by a sea of little bodies,
Clearing the deck or clearing out the locker.

Self doubt mumbled in at any given hour,
Confiding with your compromised integrity.
Holding on to what appears to be surreal
Is easier than questioning philosophy.

Having all the answers, even while fleeting
Creates lift that transcends what is felt.
Realizing the new questions causes a rift,
Questioning the hand that has been dealt.

Letting go is harder than reeling it in.
Sucking it up become rote, rich, and random.
Reality is overrated and dreamland is waning.
Standing up straight can be rich, fun, and in tandem.


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