Tuesday, January 22, 2013

a glimpse of scaggs

Seeing the red and green trolley car snaps you out of a daydream like an ice cube on the nape of a warm neck. Hearing Boz on the radio intensifies the glimpse of a memory that feels more like a feeling than anything else.

Lowdown seeps in and fits the moment with a comfort that is typically reserved to a favorite pair of old jeans. For a heartbeat or two the easy flowing dreams of youth shower the heart with a pleasing calm destined to fade.

Oh, to linger in this space for just a moment longer. To catch a mere glimpse of the magic hidden behind a veil of crowded memories. To have a realization that will soften the sharp edges of daily life.

One must seek and treasure these fleeting surges of youthfulness at every opportunity. Push back on the callings of overhanging responsibility and get down to the core of all worthwhile motivations.......... ......living your childhood dreams.