Thursday, January 24, 2013

My take on being taken......

I've been running for so long that I have forgotten the destination,

Or did I have a plan to begin with that justifies all of the means.
When will I stop for respite now that my opponents have fallen away,
Is the motivation winning or is has become more than that, or less than more.

It is so much easier when footsteps can be heard over your shoulder,
Fear of the overtaken can overtake one's fears over taking one.
Never quite sure if the breath that is heard is really just your own.
Digging deep will invariably result in reaching the bottom of the well.

Well, I'll just have a new carrot to chase, a fresh passion to pine.
There are more "I"s than meets the "to this".
Time to restructure the motivations that underlie each passing moment.
Quiet misgivings slowly undermine even the firmest of intentions.
Then again, maybe I'll just have a spoonful of peanut butter and take a nap.......