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AFTER THE GUN - II: prioritized harmonics

After the Gun - II
'prioritized harmonics’
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After the Gun
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After the Gun
Episode 2
'prioritized harmonics’
Yes, there are two paths you can go by, but in the long run,
there's still time to change the road you're on. (I sure hope so..)’
 – Robert Anthony Plant
Ralph Waldo Emerson felt that wisdom could be found from ‘liv(ing) the greatest number of good hours’. While on paper this can certainly show merit, stacking the search of good hours up against the rushing hot magma that is our 21st Century lives can exacerbate any, and all, existing symptoms of hypertension. Unfortunately, I do not suffer from high blood pressure, and may very well be the only person living that wishes he did.   My ailment pouss√©e √©volutive is something quite a bit less desirable, yet ironically has allowed me more than my fair share of success.  
Blood runs through my veins and much faster than normal rate, yet the combination of a naturally thinning blood and an oversized heart have resulted in a rather impatient patient that often must endure many specialists, who often insist on hearing the whole damn story again, and again. Yes, it is good to be alive. Yes, I do my part to exploit the fringe benefits of my ‘condition’. No, I don’t know (no one does) how long until this delicate balancing act of opposing medicinal priorities will collide in just the right manner prior to violently snapping out of sync ending with my heart exploding like a pumpkin in a microwave.
But that’s not the fun part. Two to three times a week on average I am thrust into a frantic rocket of activity which can provide what can be an incredibly productive day or an unplanned visit to a local cardiac unit. Just depends on the choices I make, and the number of coffee pots I drain before noon.
I used to enjoy our morning cups of Joe. Really did. Back then. Not now. Not since I got back from the street. Not since I got off the medications.
Sure, I feel better. Much better. Got the whole bloody mind, body, and spirit thing going full tilt. Now I just have to figure out how to parlay the momentum into something that doesn’t suck.
Walking back to house tonight following a quick after dinner stroll I started to obsess over the puddle filled pot holes that pock the gravel road winding down the mountain. They would be filled soon. The spring scraping would pull a thin layer of rock and mud over each blemish, unearthing ancient treasures along the way.
My psyche is long overdue for grading, my judgement writing sheafs of bad checks that fall aimlessly into brown rainwater, sticking to my boots. Shaking my fragile resolve.
Tomorrow will be different. Tides will turn. Anxieties will mellow.
But today we drink coffee. Alone.

(you have just experienced another episode of the serial anthology known as ‘After the Gun’. Breathe in, breath out, make sure and collect your belongings from the seat back pocket. The road to Valhalla is paved with brave misconceptions. Move past the current patterns, push yourself capriciously, and make sure to release the parking brake- b2)
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