Thursday, April 18, 2013

Potentiality of power struggles and potent potentates.....

Try to keep sane,
avoid being soft.
Remain firm,
grasping the task at hand.
Make progress,
decline conflicting variables.
Sit tight,
don't hesitate for a single moment.
Pressure is building and everyone knows that something is going to have to give.
Push their buttons,
guard your weak spots.
Show some mercy,
just enough (for them to think you actually have some).
Play the game,
games are for children.
Pull the trigger,
don't set off a chain reaction.
Personalities clash,
politics reign supreme.
Rise above it all,
while climbing in your bunker.
Time to hunker,
down go all the perceived notions (in a hot-tangled-mess).
Aahhh, another day at the office.
(happy Friday, my friends. - b2)