Friday, May 10, 2013

Lessons from the darkside...

Take criticism to the heart graciously then move on.
Seek out opportunities to interact with from people outside of your circle of influence.
Trust your gut . Second guess your impulses.
Be fully aware of your limitations, and then test  them at every opportunity.
Dream like a five year old, plan like a father of 8 with three mortgages, live like you're on your deathbed.
Do not assume what others are thinking, act as if they are hanging on every word, they most likely are.
Schedule all conference calls for at least 60 minutes , plan on ending them in under 30.
Be intentional about including everyone in the conversation , spend at least 70 percent of your time listening, spend less than 30 percent of your time talking.
Give tractor trailers plenty of space, they cannot stop on a dime, or even a half dollar.
Enjoy every meal as if it was your last, order every meal to ensure that it is not.
Keep your boarding pass in the same pocket every time, go ahead and take your belt off while waiting in line at security.
Take the stairs avoid the escalators, parked far away from the grocery store entrance.
Press the towel button before you turn on the faucet. Use a towel to turn off the faucet and open the bathroom door.
Scrape every peanut butter jar with a rubber spatula, then give it to your dog for at least an hour or until she starts to eat the plastic.
When faced with a stirofoam coffee cup that has Hand Soap written on it in sharpie use your best judgement
Here in endeth the lesson, carry on..........

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