Thursday, June 13, 2013

Exact Change Only

He tried to tell me,
I struggled to understand.
He attempted to show me,
The answers were in his hand.

The notes knew nothing,
But the lyrics were translated.
Specials are served,
Comforts never hesitated.

Good times in the kitchen,
Better ones on the knoll.
Fables and tales of glory,
Some sappy, most droll.

Cooking with Cilantro,
Techniques with knives.
One friend who splashes,
The other one dives.

Sunroofs will open,
Drinks shall spill.
Road trips and missions,
Always fit the bill.

Have any doubts?
Why no, go fish.
Further that weekend,
Is my only wish.

The traits are inherent,
Chivalry passed down.
The smell of awesomeness,
And memories abound.


'dream big, act swiftly....'


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