Monday, June 3, 2013

Post this!

I got your status update right here!
"Social Media will not fix your life".

Not that I got that out of my system,
Let's get into it. Let the real rants begin.

Yes, I understand your child is the cutest thing that YOU have ever seen.
The fact that she feel asleep in a shopping cart will certainly amuse your family.
You are perfectly welcome to share this lil' bit-O-Americana to your circle of friends.
But do you have to do it RIGHT NOW, while parked in front of the Super Sugar Smacks.

Look, we all think that it is great that you found a hobby.
Lord knows that the folks at FourBucks certainly appreciate it.
But I really got to know, so please help me out with this;
Has it ever crossed your mind that if I wanted to play Candy Crush Mind Numbing Explosion
That I am perfectly capable of signing it up for it myself and therefore fore go any possibility of evolving as a human?

So let's review, shall we:

I get it; email for personal communication is going the way of faxes and telegrams.
Social media can 'enhance' the way we plan our day, do our shopping, and pass the time.

It is NOT more important than the people sitting across the dinner table from you.
It is NOT okay to text behind someone's back....while hugging them.

If you would not show your post to your parents, your boss, your child, and to your insignificant other; Then think twice, maybe three times, before you send it out to the stratosphere.

Friends don't let friends tweet drunk.
If your profile picture is a self portrait of you behind the wheel of a moving vehicle;
you have a problem and we really need to talk.......on  a land line for goodness sake.

If you have something nasty to say to someone, go to their house, knock on the door, and let them know you have extreme displeasure for the way they lick stamps.
Or, go into the garage and scream at the oil stains on the concrete for about 15 minutes, whatever works for you.

However, don't use the Internet as your own personal venting venue,...........oops.

Honey, if you need me I'll be in the garage.

- b2