Saturday, September 7, 2013

SPECIAL BONUS - Quatrain-O-Tha'-Day, WEEK 1.....the poem begins to take shape.

(each of the seven quatrains below were written separately, one day at a time, beginning on September 1, 2013, and released immediately for public consumption.  On September 30th, after 3 more weeks of poetic experimentation, the final work will serve as the last entry among my pseudo-traditional prose and be published as - "Find YOUR Mountaintop", uncommon poetry for everyday folks. stay tuned, stay thirsty, and most of all, 'dream big, act swiftly....' - b2)

Quatrain-O-Tha'-Day: Week 1

Casual adherence opens to solitary one-up-ed-ness,
As the voices of a thousand followers infect my brain.
Dominant memories spread like melted margarine,
And make up the made up back story of each and every refrain.

A vision has been cast, deep into the sea of reality.
The current is strong, but overpowered by conviction.
Steps are taken for sacrifices yet to be made.
The path is unclear, but never doubt the destination.

Dig in, dig deep, but only if you truly dig it.
Press on, but this time without the nail glue.
Move forward, be bold, give the heads a reason to turn.
Forget the masses, take your cue, relate to only a few.

I'm reaching for something that I'm quite sure is there.
Not knowing exactly what it is, but that I will play a part.
Always searching, listening, scratching at the layers.
Even if I never see it, I will always feel it in my heart.

Beats beat the alternative, alternating in frequency as they do frequently.
I've always had a deep appreciation for pain and adversity, conversely.
Not in a masochistic fashion, despite the raging fashion.
Clarity and focus are quite focused when they are communal property.

All bets are off, off to the races, race you to the coffee pot.
Everyone drink up, up the ante, ante up and place your bet.
I'm betting on caffeine, for it is my friend, friends to the end.
It's the best there is, or ever was, and for now all that you gonna get.

Rise and shine fun seekers there are worlds to conquer outside these doors.
Dragons need slaying, ditches need digging, and paper begs to be pushed.
Throw your humdrum a serious curve ball, just to see it squirm a little.
Chase the setting sun with gusto, only to stop, admire, and refuse to be rushed.


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