Thursday, February 20, 2014

fashioning the ration of your passion.....

What's alive in you right now?
I, like most people, was more than a bit startled the first time I was asked.
Who is this man posing the question, who exactly is he asking.
More importantly, who will this person be who answers, after he does so.

What's alive in you right now?
The more I embraced the idea of it the more I started to be the poser
of the question, seeking not only the answers I would receive
but also the lack there of, and in some cases the questions I would receive in return.

What's alive in you right now?
Like all good journeys, and they are all good in my book, the landscape changes.
And like all good landscapes, my book does not include them all, they hold many journeys.
The more I ask others, the more I ask myself. The more I understand the question, the more I ask....

What's alive in you right now?
It transcends the weather and who routed who in the game last night, even in the playoffs.
Cutting to the heart of what really matters, mattering only to who truly has a heart that has been cut.
I reduce the number of times I ask it, savoring the right moment, the best time, the best audience.

What's alive in you right now?
YES, YOU. I've already told you I don't have all the answers, and even the ones I do possess
require participation from you, my muse, your muse, our muse, the music plays on.
Keep listening, start singing, ask someone to dance. Be alive. Ask the question. Answer the Question.

What's alive in you right now?


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