Saturday, March 15, 2014

Life lesson #153 - unabridged enthusiasm

b2 publishing : Life lesson #153 - unabridged enthusiasm:

Pure unbridled ecstasy and joy are highly underrated.

You are strongly encouraged, at the next occasion, to hold back your loathing upon catching whiff of someone who is ecstatically celebrating a moment that appears to rival your own benign existence.

For joining in the revelry is easier than you think, and once more than one is involved a solitary end zone dance quickly becomes a joint venture celebration.

At that point, once you are inside looking out, it becomes crucial to expend all available resources in order to recruit more loathers in the hope of converting them out of the morastic funk that can easily become the status quotient.

Today the sun came up, and I was here to see it. Tonight the moon will make an appearance, and God willing I will be around to experience its glow.

Yesterday is long gone, my friends and tomorrow is always, and forever will be, just that......tomorrow.

But today.......yes I'm talking about we shall laugh, live, and celebrate one another with unabashed honesty and courage.

Not out of fear of what is to come, but out of deep respect for what is happening, and for we can make happen, right freakin' NOW!!!!
 'dream big, act swiftly....'

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