Saturday, March 1, 2014

The time has come, it is what it is.

The time has come, it is what it is.
I've waited long enough.
Just long enough to know that I have waited long enough.

This isn't written down.
Most of it is on my head.
Melding in its own juices, simmering for weeks on end. Dive.

Jump at the chance.
Tread lightly, but for God sakes, tread!
Take a step. Grab the moment. Seize the daze.

And confused minions mine for minds.
While hippy hipsters idly keep it in idle.
Shifting to neutral as needed needing to finally need.

Some more, some less, many have much.
Less is more, more or less.
Get it while you can. Can you can more of those cans and can-nots.

Right the wrongs. Then write the wrongs.
The rights will write themselves.
And all undecided and undeclared will understand, under the circumstances.

We all have a choice.
I choose note to make mine.
Shafts shift soon after the shoe is suddenly shod.

As much as I dread the dread,
I must say what I say when I say:
It was what it was, but is no longer......

That time has gone.


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