Saturday, April 26, 2014

basking in the glory of telling yuse' a story ........

Keep it up and I'll have to bow up and release the hounds.
Even if you beat the clock, there's still four more rounds.
Hook it up-put up- and shut up, kick it in-then kick it out.
Stand up straight and don't bow down, clear your mind-have no doubt.

Your intentions are good, there's no do doubt you mean to mean well.
Don't ask me to judge, it's too early to tell.
Your community needs you, both talents and clout.
Be sure to offer a hand up, and not just a hand out.

You've been dolling it out, while everyone else is rolling it in.
Harboring thoughts and sinking ships, call all the shots-let the games begin.
Let's get into it and don't hold anything back, the chips are in and it's always your call.
I want to hear it all, the good-the bad-and the indifferent, let's have a ball.

Hit me with it, then hit me again, this is what we wanted, this is how it's suppose to end.
The stage is set, the jury is in, I can feel some good vibes coming from just around the bend.
If hope helps you cope, then have it your way. If coping keeps you going, who am I to ask.
Get it in gear, circle the wagons, the sun is peeking on the horizon, it's your turn to bask.