Saturday, May 3, 2014

Shock and awe over southern Appalachia..

The shock of a thousand warm feathers
The stench of a lifetime in winter
The call that won't ever quite leave us
And drones softly on boards of rot

What slithers past blithely 
But ne'er makes it back home
They call it white murder
Yet they call it just the same

Green rivers of Katuah
Bring brother back home
The ivy's still growing
The cars are all still the same

Rider and thinker, tinkerer and shame
Hunters still gather under roofs of mild charity
Falling mindlessly in love again
Giving no gander for bootless wanderers on thin ice

Ferns long forgotten shelter moss from raw son
Gravel leads vintners to horrifically sweet ends 
Barkers beat effort on shelters of dark shame

Contrails of azure fall faintly on young pedals
Smells of the killing mix with cool breeze blossoms
Rarely does dimness bring redress
Twitching road rewind, shall Black Bear be my rest

Faint shadows and bean bags sow sullen coffee dreams