Saturday, April 25, 2015

shuck and jive, on day three of week five

the fifth week
of the journey
has been real
real as can be

the third day
was no different
hell, day two
took me to my knees

the counter said
twenty, in a row
where went the walking
I really needed to know

prior to this
my record was eight
and even that
felt every bit my fate

the first ten
well, they were brutal
the lungs on fire
the legs like noodles

but something happened
before I reached minute twelve
a euphoria set in
a place I've never delved

Real runners have
a name for this feeling
when you could run forever
it's quite a good feeling

the term is rather odd
I seem to think
sounds too clinical
like a place you will sink

what, you've never felt it
well get up off your seat
get Couch to 5K
it will get you on your feet