Tuesday, July 21, 2015

There is an ACT for that......

What part are you playing today?

We all set out on our daily journeys with a mindset for who we will be in each given situation:
  • Passive Aggressive during the commute  - Every car I have ever driven has come equipped with a horn*, yet I have never found the appropriate time or reason to utilize it. Instead, I choose to yell, cuss, and scream (with the windows up) at anyone who violates the 'personal space' of my bumper.
    • *although the '76 Gremlin's horn would shock you if your skin ever came in contact with the metal button, exposed by the cracked orange molding
  • Attentively Aloof in the conference room - Yes, I am taking notes. But do not think this means that any measurable action will take place as a result of this meeting, or that anyone actually cares about what is being said. 
  • Humbly Arrogant at FourBucks - I refuse to speak Italian when asking for a large coffee, but I only do so in fear of walking out with a small.
The various 'Acts' we must stage are not about being disingenuous, but are a necessary part of the human condition. We dress for our roles, study our lines, and rehearse our entrances as we should. After all, the show must go on.