Sunday, November 8, 2015

In Search of: WISDOM

Down past the corner
At the very end of the bar
Was a man all alone
With eyes on the stars

He sat by himself
Sipping porter by the pint
Not minding the music
Hardly ever showing a plaint

Would he tell me a story
Shall he give me the time
Will he mind if I ask
Of the steps he has climbed

Surely there is a story
He must have lived a book
The lines on his face
Required a second look

I approached him quite slowly
With respect not held light
He pretended not to notice
But smiled to be polite

Before I could sit down
In the stool next to his
He began speaking softly
Words flowing with a hiss

You come seeking wisdom
I could see it right away
The providence is clear
You, at this time, on this day

Listen very carefully
You will hear this only once
This is your moment
To gather in this providential bunce

I stopped him rather quickly
With a wave of my hand
Signaling him to pause
This humble sage of a man

Your knowledge is great
This I do not doubt
That fact that you'd share
Gives me a feeling of clout

But don't mistake my mission
For the reason is clear
I am indeed on a journey
It's the reason I'm here

The quest I am on
Brings me to you on this day
A question for you
I must ask in this way

In your storied experiences
Have you the words to explain
Can you alleviate my quandary
Will it ease my great pain

Tell me your troubles
I will indeed do my best
To give you the knowledge
Prepare you for life's test

I appreciate your kindness
Your time I surely value
When the time comes to pay
I will give you what you are due

Here is my question
The solution that I seek
Which way is the bathroom
I really need to take a leak