Monday, May 8, 2017

some time, sometimes

Some time
Is all we have

Many times
Some time
Is the most valuable thing we have

Often times
Some time
Is what others need most........from us

Every time
Some time
Gets away from me,
I wonder
How did I ever
Have the time
To take the time
To realize that time
Had gotten away from me.......that time

That one time
Some time
That was spent
With that guy
In that place
You know,
That place with the thing
Well, that.......that was a good time

Have you got the time
To waste some time
Remembering the times
When time stood still
And no one cared what time it was
Or how many times we just sat there
And enjoyed our time on the planet

My past time
Is to make time
So that I can spend time
Having experiences with those
Whom I enjoy wasting time with

I think that it might be time
To ask how much time
I have left
Don't want to go over my time
This time
Its okay to break the rules
As long as you don't do it
All the time

Just sometimes