Friday, April 13, 2018

There is No I in Bryan Byrd (but there is a Q in Q-munity)

Community steps up
Community steps in
The water's warm
So ya'll come on Inn

Lend me your ear
I'll give it back eventually
There's a few things that you need to know
So let's review, continually

There is no "I" in Team
There not an "I" in Bryan Byrd
But there is a Q In Q-munity
At least, ...that's what I heard

And this here Q-munity

I said.....

This here Q-munity.....

Is Guaranteed not to rust, bust, or collect dust

I spent a good part of my life
Looking for Paradise, it's true
What I didn't realize is that
Sometimes Paradise finds you

Just stop turning your dial
Because this here is the dealio
I'm bee-squared
And I'll see you on the radio

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