Monday, September 24, 2012

I find, I have found......

I find that when my mind wanders it intends to ease my troubles.
I have found that my cares do not always co-operate.

I find that optimism can create the lift that your dreams are in need of.
I have found that self criticism can fog even the most rosy of spectacles.

I find that my feet can endure many a mile in the pursuit of an open path.
I have found that my watch will run out of minutes prior to my shoes wearing thin.

I find that most people deep down inside are honest, humble, and good.
I have found that our fears of others motives often prevent these traits from showing.

I find that the quiet spaces in between topics can speak volumes.
I have found that the volume of spoken topics can lead to quiet spaces.

I find that the right music can take anyone back to a specific time in their life.
I have found that way too many people have not yet heard the tune that will.

I find that I can be my own worst enemy.
I have found that sometimes it's best to let the mind wander.