Sunday, September 30, 2012

the quandary

Fair too Middling: the quandary:

the quandary
My question is this;
Are you prepared for the situation that is laid out before you.
Do you have the ability to grasp the enormity of the place you have found yourself in.
Has it dawned on you that there will be repercussions that far outweigh your capabilities to cope.
Have you thought at all about what you would do if you were ever put into this situation.
Well, you have arrived.

Your quandary is this;
Is  now the time to pull out all the stops and really kick in like you know you should.
Or would it be wiser to save it up for the next big thing that will drop on your head like a rock.
You've always used this approach and it has served you well every other time the stuff has hit the fan.
Who should you partner with and bounce your ideas off of.
After all, the voice in your head has not been playing nice lately, and never has really been much help.
After all, you've always wondered what is 'after ALL'.

The solution is simple;
If doing what comes natural hasn't been working, then maybe you should consider something new.
When your gut tries to provide three million years worth of instinctual advice,
dont' try and silence it with truffles. not this time.
Dig really deep, not into your adrenaline reserve, but into your memory.
Think really hard.
What would Electra Woman have done.