Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Main Street

Smoke filled foothills offer an undaunting backdrop
to the openness of the tulip strewn lane.

Nooks and cozy crevices provide respite from what 'ails.
Here you are one, here one is all, all is one here.

Stone and brick take on a higher purpose
and add texture to a busy, yet uncluttered, palette.

Dogs and bears trade turns as alternate species.
Both blend into the fabrics of conversation and sight.

Memories that never were flood the mind,
as the aromas that linger invite cliche and folly.

'Was I once here?' joins 'Am I really here now?'.
History envelopes wonder in a tapestry of delight.

Sidewalks wide and graceful provide respite and laughter.
Street musicians holler and photographs prosper.