Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Cyclist

I am a compelled, driven man.
There are no external boundaries beyond my reach, ambition, or imagination.

My own internal voices and the constant movement of time are the only enemies.
Fueled by desire, hope, and copious amounts of caffeine I press onward toward my destiny.

Forever pushing the limits of human comprehension I continue to forge my own reality while constantly striving to positively affect the value of other people’s existence.

Pious you say?


Peacefulness drives clarity.
Clarity enhances vision.
Vision empowers the soul.
The soul motivates the ego.
The ego pushes adrenaline through the veins at an incredible pace, providing a rush that gradually subsides into a comfortable state of peace.

When appropriately appreciated this cycle can serve one well.
The trick is to recognize it, understand it, then share it with as many as will listen.
For what good is a cause if it cannot be distributed to the masses in a hap-hazard manner on a repeated basis.

So Go! Go, I say.
Find your source of peace and begin the cycle.
Ride the wave, spread the word, be the ball Danny. Na-Na-Na-na-neh-neh...

-b2   7.9.11