Friday, December 14, 2012

Dude,'re killin' me.

Why is it that you don't have time to write.
Yet you can spend three hours obsessing over travel plans.
Details are cool and all, I get it.
But I think you need to realize that not everything is in your hands.
Dude,'re killin' me.
And then there's the mornings,
Full of all the plans that you have made.
Yet you lay there stressing.
Slow to get out of bed cause your so damn afraid.
Dude,'re killin me.
I'm glad you got help.
But does it have to be so expensive.
When I ask what you talked about,
You don't need to be so dismissive.
Dude,'re killing me.
You've said it yourself:
Yesterday's gone and tomorrow never comes.
Then why can't you just enjoy today,
Listening to the engine as it hums.
Dude,'re killing me.
I'm tired of it like this.
It really has to stop.
If I keep questioning myself
My head is going to pop.
start healing me.