Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Enough said?

Pitching the possibilities has always been a probable pretense.
However catching said ideas can be quite another story indeed.

Lending your ear, at a reasonable rate of interest of course, doesn't always involve an undue amount of emotional risk.

Take, for example, the last verbal exchange you experienced with someone of equal linguistic stature and imagine that the entire conversation took place inside the confines of a box of store brand cheese flavored snacks.

Would you, or would you not, take every opportunity, regardless of the social consequences, to ingest said foodstuff in between heated words of grandiose salesmanship.

Fight the urge to answer this quandary too quickly my friend for you may find, through proper reflection, that your motives are not at all what they seem on the surface.

We must all challenge not just the status quo of the bourgeoisie all around us, but also dare to reconsider the complexity of the artificial cheese cravings that reside deep within our inner being.


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