Thursday, December 6, 2012

Tha' Gist....

Need to get down to brass tacks.
No time for pleasantries, small-talk, or tact.
I need answers, solutions, programs, and action-items.
Bring me data that speaks, money that talks, and facts that check.

Would love to shoot-tha'-breeze, chew the fat, and cop a squat.
But if I don't go for it now and shoot the moon it might all be for not.
Help me out a little, throw me bone, give me a break.
Hook me up, take me out, and shave a little bit off the top.

Now, bring it on, tighten-up, and pick it up a notch.
We're going all the way downtown via the carpool lane.
No holding back, don't give in, and don't even think about slacking off.
The time is now, the fruit is ripe, make sure none of this was in vain.

I'm hopped up, geeked out, and starting to feel the burn.
My fuse is short, my history is long, and my backstory is sketchy.
The rumours are true, hell I started most of them, the myth is real.
What they say is true, what they think is moot, hey - my brain is itchy.........................