Friday, December 7, 2012

Mornin' glory.......

Oddly enough I did not slap the snooze button the usual eighteen times on this morn,
For the Life that is waiting for me is much more than a breakfast cereal.
It's time to make the donuts and I'm not real sure about the actual recipe.
But there's demons out there to be chased, some imagined, some very real.

I'd pull my myself up by my bootstraps, if my boots actually had any.
They're very serious footwear, known in some circles as the shit-kicking kind.
I stand a half inch taller and walk a little bolder when they are laced up tight.
Each boot weighs ten pounds so an early riser can't help but be Frankenstein.

There's wood to be split and some fences that desperately need mending.
Both jobs wait patiently. morning dew always stops time on the farm.
The coffee is strong and dark aided only by a lonely stick of cinnamon.
Four or five more cups and I'll be ready to really spin you folks a yarn..............