Sunday, January 6, 2013

RESTITUTIONS Realized - 'Making Good' in the New Year - Part 2

I couldn't help but notice that the grocery stores have moved all of the protein shakes and energy bars to the front end caps. They are obviously hoping to cash in the on the many, yet often short lived, promises to shed a few pounds before spring.

While there is nothing fundamentally wrong with using the momentum of a fresh calendar as a spring board for well intended self improvement efforts, I do share in the well publicized cynicism of February's failures to execute. Let's face it, most resolutions are doomed from the start and are rarely taken seriously by your contemporaries.

In my recent post How to make a New Years' RESTITUTION.....  we explored the idea that what we really needed was to restore what was rightfully ours to begin with: our hopes and dreams. By 'making good' the promises we had made to ourselves in years gone by we can recapture the magic and passion that lifts our souls and inspires us to live mighty.

If you have not yet I encourage you to take a moment to read the original post - Click HERE. Because before we can move forward and discuss next steps, you need to have completed your homework assignment.

Here's mine:

3 things that I need to 'make good' or restore in my life:
  1. Finish gathering at least 80 of my most inspirational poems for potential inclusion in my first book - 'Find YOUR Mountaintop', uncommon poetry for everyday folks
  2. Submit three short stories for publication and / or writing contests.
  3. Send letters of inquiry to at least three literary agents (one lock, one stretch, and one dream).
There it is, down and dirty. Nothing complicated, nothing expensive, no long term gym memberships. Just three things that have been on my mind, kept me up at night, and have been hanging over my head for way too long.

But by simply writing them down I have taken a very important step in make them come to fruition, and therefore helping my wildest dreams come true.

Now it's your turn. Go ahead and pull out those lists. Keep in mind this is my third year doing this, your list does not need to be as long winded or have to have a cohesive theme. You may remember that list back in 2011 was quite a bit simpler:
  • Find and use the farthest parking space from a building entrance.
  • Use stairs and avoid escalators and elevators whenever possible.
  • Train myself to do 1 'real' push up
 So take a moment, right now, to pull out your list. And if you did not do your homework, I'm not here to judge, just to encourage you to finish what you started.
You may notice something about both of my lists, then and now. I don't get into much detail about HOW I am going to accomplish these tasks or refer to any tools or partners that may be utilized along the way.
The list is merely our road map.
'If you don't know where you are going, you might not get there.' - Yogi Berra
  • Make your list (if you have not already done so)
    • don't dwell, keep it simple
    • if you find this intimidating please read THIS. (go, read it now. I'll wait here.)
  • Read your list out loud to yourself
    • this will either help it sink in, or help you realize where it may need more honesty
  • Share it with another person
    • someone who will not be quick to judge or criticize (a potential accountability partner)
    • email it to me at  (I promise not to giggle or snicker)
That's it for today. Remember, we aren't going after a quick fix or a band-aid. This is about small, incremental, changes to daily life which can, over time, develop into healthy habits that will help you realize your dreams.

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But MOST importantly, 'dream big, act swiftly....' - b2