Tuesday, April 23, 2013

b2publishing begins a (not-so) grand experiment.....And YOU are invited........

Greetings and Salutations my fellow lovers of the written word. I am enlisting you to once again to travel down the squirrel hole of eclectic thought with me. So load up on your carb of choice, do some
static stretches (or ballistic, if you are so inclined), and join me on a journey into the world of b2.

Over the next few days we will be preparing our thought boxes for the next installment of the serial anthology known as 'After the Gun'. Those of you who were brave enough to challenge the notion that literature had steadfast rules will be in for a treat. 'UTG' and it's fifteen subsequent chapters slowly became an underground apparition.

Then again, if b2's Thoughts-O-Tha'-Day has been your only exposure to the 'chewing gum for the mind' that I spout on a regular basis, you are now destined to travel into uncharted cerebral depths.

And (this is for you Mrs. Andrews, I started a sentence with 'and') if poetry for folks that don't like poetry is more your bailiwick, you too have stumbled upon something worth scanning on Saturday morning while waiting for your child's turn at bat.

Okay, ENOUGH gratuitous reflection, it's time for some serious pontification, personified.
  • The next chapter of 'ATG' will be released on 4/28/13
  • There will be an over-dramatic buildup to the release
  • You will have ample opportunities to alert your social networked communities via multiple sharing devices and ever complicated media applications
  • I will challenge you to use your thought-box for more than just a hat rack
  • WE WILL HAVE FUN, whether you like it or not.
  • Participation is mandatory, so if (when) I confuse, challenge, offend, and/or antagonize you please make sure you make a concerted effort to :
In the meantime I will be submitting a 'log dump' (not what you may think, it's like a brain dump, except it's where I share thoughts that I have been collecting in my personal writing journal/log) in the form of b2's Thoughts-O-Tha'-Week,.....and they will come in a perfectly unplanned scatterbrain manner that only a ADHD mother could love.

Prepare yourselves, clean out your glove boxes, and grab the nearest form of incumbency ticket (what?)..........

Just read, share, enjoy, and participate. Then repeat,....often.

God Bless, God Speed, and God help us all if I actually get you folks to one day pay a dime for anything that spills out of my warped brain onto the printed page.

Love ya', mean it..... - b2

'dream big, act swiftly....'