Friday, April 19, 2013


There is a place so busy,  that no one goes there anymore.
The service is questionable but no one is asking.

Not sure how to get there, I usually don't drive.
As soon as you get there you know you've arrived.

The furnishing are simple the ambiance is there.
Patrons act like strangers, but pay them your mind.

It's not about food, nor drink. I know now what you think.
Don't come prepared, leave home all your baggage.

Time for some good new fashioned, unapologetic good times.
Shed the misconceptions that I may have helped you foster.

Close the purse strings while you open your mind to impossibilities.
An unmarked path brought you here, your path, our path, the common trail.

Ask for the specials but always order the uszh'.
Tip well, smile a lot, don't hold back on polite informalities.

The table is prepped, dinner is swerved. The time has come for answers.
But no one is asking.


'dream big, act swiftly....'

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