Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I married up......definitely.

She found me
Despite the fact I was looking.
She groomed me,
when there was no room at the Outside Inn.
Living with my faults became a full time job.
Dealing with the comic actions to her was quite simple.
No better hostess could a rogue guest find,
All complications became routinely addressed with natural panache.
She found me
When I most needed to be found.
She groomed me,
And gave me the confidence to go on.
Assumptions may have been innocently made, but never,
ever stood in the way of a well time kiss, of the butterfly variety, of course.
Life is never as easy and natural,
As it can be when she is around me.
 She found me
And never tried to give me back.
She groomed me,
And together we continue to begin again,...again......and again.

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