Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Answer to all the questions you are hesitating to ask.....

The moss slips easily under my smooth souled dress loafers.
Strongly pulled in divergent priorities by two motivated canines with inconsistent priorities.

The crickets and frogs have long replaced the jungle-like sounds of the deciduous bird population.
An uncomfortable calm has settled in while the predators of night prepare for their nightly rounds.

A sobering silence creeps in as the dew drenched grass instigates an early respite from late day heat.
The quiet taps of my keyboard from the covered porch now dominate the few woodland sounds emanating from the distant moor.

I feel a rush of creative ecstasy when surrounded by the towering pines and vine covered maples.
A slight glimpse of stars between the low hanging mountain clouds offers a feeling of closeness to something untouchable.

What people really seem to want is connection with out connection.
A fleeting opportunity to share and listen without being sucked into a perpetual black hole of irreconcilable baggage and unrealized dreams.

Few times in our lives, if ever, we finds ourselves surrounded by genuine, personable, frank, and unapologetically passionate people that are not afraid to share their thoughts, fears, and dreams with another soul on the journey.

If, NO...when you find yourself in this blessed situation, do not fall into the humbleness of hesitation, but seek every opportunity to add value to others lives. Not by smothering their individuality, but by seeking ways to compliment their raw talents.

Find the right night. Make the appropriate arrangements. Take the necessary steps.
Immerse yourself in the late night world of a mid spring mountain experience.

If nothing else, it will give you something to write about.
Yeah, we went there, .......didn't we.



'dream big, act swiftly....'



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