Sunday, June 30, 2013

bill of goods

They told me......

I would get what was coming to me.
If I could dream it, I could live it.
Putting my nose to the grindstone would eventually payoff, in spades.

I was taught.....

Integrity mattered and honesty was a policy.
Modesty was prudent, humility required.
Putting the needs of others before my own would bring me inner peace, and wisdom.

There came a time......

When it all got down to brass tacks.
The rubber met the road, and skidded.
A giant, angry, buck held squatters rights, right here.

I told them.....

It's all good, we've got a plan.
Thank you, but no thank you, I've got it from here.
Just need to pull up my boot straps and keep forging ahead.

We all found out.....

It's all good, He's got a plan.
Thank you, and you and you and you, we can get it from here.
Once you can hook your boot straps to your ears, it might be time to accept some assistance.

Now is the time......

To reflect on the blessings.
Acknowledge the pains, do what we can, and move on down the road.
To keep seeking the knowledge and fellowship of others on the path.





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