Friday, June 28, 2013

fit to be tie-dyed....

Eyelids begin to flutter as the sun settles into its sweet spot.
Gravel crunches under tired feet and anxious paws.
Somewhere in the distance the percolation process has begun.
The day starts, participants or not, might as well kick it.

The ache may be dull, yet the wit remains sharp and dangerous.
Shadows on doorways reflect opportunities often missed.
Time is never wasted, it's just diverted to His purposes.
Ride the wind, or fight the gales....the choice is yours.

Fractured light bathes worn wood and shiny bottles.
Hidden thoughts creep into the foreground of emptiness.
There was a point that was begging to be made.
Lost again in tidal wave of good interceptions and mixed emoticons.


'dream big, act swiftly....'

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