Sunday, July 14, 2013

Perception, part 2 - the causatum

Perception, part 2 - the causatum

(this is a progression of my earlier work, 'Perception is NOT reality......really, its not.') must find a way to pierce the second skin which is suffocating your spirit.
Punch holes in the barriers of thine own design, break free and breath once more.

Magic does not offer resolution to the ails of a heart weighted down by years of doubt and uncertainty.
Hope will keep the lungs functioning, but only swift alacrity can overcome one's mire.

Cajole the vascular hub into harefooted hoopla despite any prevailing sentiments.
For what, after all, is sentiment but vain attempts at coping a communal 'tude.

So clear off that desk, wipe down the task board, lace up the walking shoes.
Time to write that novel, plant the garden, begin again........again.