Monday, September 30, 2013

Quatrain-O-Tha' Day 9.30.13 - SWAN SONG EDITION

For thirty days I have spun my craft, a little at a time, a Quatrain - A - Day.
During one month's cycle you have read a little prose, perhaps hummed to the rhyme.
Together, yes together, we have done something more that that, in the here and now.
We have shown, with words, that mountains can be moved, one solitary rock at a time.

This concludes the prose experiment know as 'Quatrain-O-Tha' Day'. For the complete poem written over the last 30 days, send me an EMAIL and I will include a SPECIAL BONUS SNEAK PEAK of my soon to be released book, "Find YOUR Mountaintop, uncommon poetry for everyday folks".

'dream big, act swiftly, b2'