Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The glutton for poetry post - SPECIAL can stop / wont' stop edition

A friend and mentor encouraged, like mentors will do, for me to be still, stop-look-and-listen,
There wasn't a train coming, that I knew of at that time, so I wrote what wouldn't quit.
Then I shared it with some folks that I thought would appreciate the idea of the idea.
They did as he said, but the fun began when I started chomping on the proverbial bit.

There was a train coming, and not the one to Clarkesville, but it was in fact the last.
The boilerplate read LIFE and the coal car was overflowing with grade A slack.
While sharing the techniques of intentionally emptying one's bucket, mine had a leak.
Not from the bottom as you would expect, but rather apropos, it's issue was in my smack.

Not the smack from my pie-hole, for that is another story, one not ready for prime rib.
Rather the smack in my face when I realized that I had not stopped, let alone listened quite well.
Looking was getting there, but slightly off aim, eyeing the prize, the gift of a connection found.
For it's not in the stage gives me the rush, lifts me up, jives my passion, but hearing the tell.

The tell of a soul, one unexpected, a listener who lived it, and was now ready to share.
I took it quite slowly, as if I really had a choice, an ear seeking truth must first find transparency.
But there in the moment I was, the moment that counted most of all, not as a guide, no-not-at-all.
To be blessed beyond grace is not inherently accurate, but is honest and fits, for all of the clarity.

It's tempting to look back and reverse engineer a rare moment, break it down slowly, really know it.
Lets just be thankful that we were there in that space, occupy that time, and look at that face.
Words did come out, but now they seem moot, not in importance, but in necessity and need.
It doesn't  matter how I got there, or what I did once it hit, only that I felt it, and it felt like Grace.


Dedicated to Betsy.....for encouragement, to Becky for connecting the dots, and for Andy for, well being Andy like no one else could ever be.

"dream big, act swiftly,...... (and follow you passion,...always, then help someone follow theirs) - b2

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