Friday, May 23, 2014

The truth....

You may not want hear it
But my guess is that you will continue to read.

No revelations here, just cold hard facts.
Take it with salt, pepper, your choice.
It is all up to you...

I'm not hear to say you don't need help.
No one is going to tell you teams don't matter.
But it's all up to you....

The list won't be done today,
We are not done until we are truly done.
Steps have to be made,
I suggest you focus on the next one.
Because it's all up to you...

Don't get psyched out,
Paralysis is not an option this time.
What is called for is action ,
Decision making in our prime.
After all, it's all up to you.

Now here is the key,
This the part you need to hear.
First and foremost,
This is the time to take a knee.

For even you can't do anything without HIM..



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