Monday, June 2, 2014

HOW TO CHASE A SUNSET, and other keys to daily success.

Yes, I chased a sunset recently.

Literally chased a sunset. Got in my car and drove over a mountain in an attempt to find a good vantage point for one more sky photo before darkness. I had snapped off one shot before the sun fell below the tree line and I was not happy with the results. So I went after it.

I made it over the mountain by nine, and in this hemisphere there is still a soft June glow in the sky until almost 9:30. But by the time I found a West facing clearing the orange blaze I had viewed at dusk was well beyond my field of vision.

But I'm still glad I went. I'm still glad that I chased that sunset.

On the way home I remembered that one early shot that I was not real happy with and pulled over to take a second look at it. Now that the nightly event was really over the image seemed to revel in it's singularity. With no other current sunset to compete with my solitary shot stood strong and proud.

Reminds me of how I felt about the day that was now ending. While I was in it, while life was still pulsing a million megabytes a second, the day felt unaccomplished. Not quite good enough.

But now, in the cool retrospect of a quiet ride home, my day breathed new life. It showed promise. My day felt clearer and more accomplished.

So, if feel like you missed your sunset today, don't sweat it. Just give it some time to breath, come back to it when you are ready. Look back on it with a keen eye for what was done, what was started, and who was engaged.

Besides, I'm guessing the sun will go down again tomorrow.

And I'll chase it again......