Friday, June 6, 2014

Where is YOUR happy place?

Fair too Middling: Where is YOUR happy place?:

Sometimes I wish that I lived on a narrow river flowing down from the mountain tops over rocks rounded smooth by time. When I say sometimes I mean whenever I think about it. Anytime I see a picture of a river or hear the roar of cool water rushing off in the distance. 

There is a particular place that I think about, somewhere I could never live. You could call it my "happy place" (I often do). It's the Chimney Tops picnic grounds in the Tennessee side of the Great Smokey Mountains National Park. 

It was a campground at one time, but I don't think that overnight stays are allowed anymore. That's okay though. Kind of like a super sugary icing on a wedding cake, you want to savor it in moderation. Having that said, being there for a short while is an experience that can stay with you for years. Often I will close my eyes in times of strife, or simply a hot August afternoon, and imagine that I am sitting on a boulder with my feet in the 68 degree water. 

Go ahead....try it. Close your eyes, think of your happy place. Feel the textures, smell the air, hear the sounds that it make it special. 

Have you been there lately? Plan a trip, share it with someone you love. Soak it up. Store it for a hot day in August. 


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