Saturday, March 14, 2015

I see how you are...

The angst 
in your sigh 
tells a pretty 
compelling story

I meant what I said
even if I screwed up 
the way it spilled out

I see 
how you are

Don't let me 
stop you
but don't 
get me started

Your argument doesn't fly 
with with me
the concepts don't 
hold water

Don't tell me 
where you are 
coming from

I see 
how you are

The light bulbs 
that went off 
have grown 
dim after reflection

Great ideas 
breath life 
into conversation
but action comes 
after it has been written

Down and out
in like Flynn
Coming at it sideways
not sure 
where to begin

I don't see much
but I see 
how you are

Another day 
more hearts 
on the mend

The letters 
will never be opened
or saved 
if they are never

What were 
you and I 

I see 
how you are


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